Club track day at Donington

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Another brilliant day. Forgotten the known characteristics of Donington - as in the path of the planes taking off from East Midlands it gets quite slippery when wet. Got reminded this feature when flew into the Redgate way too fast on cold tyres - wafted graciously into the gravel trap at the end of main straight by choice as I was worried I could roll otherwise. My truck guy was sensible pulling me out and I might have been the only person on a day who drove the main straight in the opposite direction. Anyway, after some brain recalibration carried on and thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the day in the car - the new LSD is awesome - especially the overrun locking under braking makes a massive difference for the stability - should have done this a long time ago. I think she is coming into the shape now.

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Saw your video last night Rob but didn't clock it as you. It makes your car look very oorange. GOOD skills sir, and great to share a garage with you hope to see you on some more next year. 

Fingers crossed for a dry day next week for my last track outing of the year at Bedford as I've had a 100% wet record this year.

First outing for my new lsd too. Impressions.

Much louder on the road a lot more transmission noise

On the track, really liked it. More predictable, less snappy.

Even though the wet isn't my favourite I quite enjoyed the day and trying out the different lines.

Thanks again Simon for organising it.




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A few 'moments' captured for posterity.

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Thanks Ian