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Yes - many thanks to Simon and Dave for another great event.  Awesome circuit, and somehow the wet / damp track didn't spoil the fun at all...

And thanks also to Igor for the ride in your 620R.  That is some fast car! Wobble  (And thanks too for the headlight bulb that stopped us becoming the one eyed monster)

Just got back home to Kent after a six-hour journey, mostly in torrential rain.  Here all seems dry and quiet, but t'North was another story altogether Evil 

Stephen Byebye 

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Hi Stephen, 

not at all. You payed me back plenty. 

I will take this chance to urge everyone who wants to see the ultimate car control and an absolutely measured control inputs to persuade Stephen to give you a ride in his Freestyle monster. The best Caterham passenger ride I've ever experienced. The car is sublime and obeys its pilot to the letter. The combination of car's superb suspension and Stephen's driving and you are in for some treat. The wider rubber front and back is the way to go. The amount of speed the car can carry through the corner is breath taking. Not once there was a sensation that we were out of control. 

Thanks to Dave and Simon for keeping the day flowing effortlessly. Also the chief of the circuit lady was spot on - lots of good advice about the tricky spots on the track.  

Superb day.