Does this count as 'full-face'

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Does this count as 'full-face'

Probably a daft question but I'm looking to get a  helmet for track days and always found them difficult when karting because I wear glasses.  Is the Arai GP-5W regarded as 'full-face' or do I have to have a full visor?

If this isn't allowed what helmets have other spectacle wearers found to be the best?


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I wouldn't have thought so, but happy to be proved wrong.....

As a glasses wearer I've had a Sparco Formula and currently have a Bell Sport 5 and never had a problem, but then again when I started wearing glasses I took my current helmet to the opticians to ensure I chose  frames that fitted easily through the aperture.

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paul richards
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It's described as full face. 

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Steve Newman
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My experience says you need a closed visor so no that one wouldn't be allowed IMHO.
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It is described as full face and in the specs it can be retro fitted with visor for open cockpit so I would suggest you are good to go.

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Matthew Willoughby
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I suspect whether it is acceptable or not will depend on the track day organiser. I am doing a Javelin day on Wednesday and their instructions say drivers of open topped cars must have a full face helmet (which the one linked to is) with a visor (which that one doesn't have). Surely the issue with glasses is around the ears rather than being anything to do with whether or not the helmet has a visor.
Matthew Willoughby
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My Dad wears glasses and tried several on when buying. He found an Arai was the best fit for his shape and size of head. I would normally suggest that you try several on but I suspect retailers will not be too keen on allowing that at the moment.
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I have an Arai which seems to fit around my glasses, but its a real pain.  Haven't found one that is comfy with glasses yet.

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Richard Price
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I choose glasses to suit my helmet rather than the other way round.

I'd rather have a helmet that fits correctly rather than one that is loose enough to allow bulky glasses.

I currently have a Bell RS3 (having tried various ones the last time I bought a helmet)

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Richard makes a good point.  During our recent Zoom "meeting" one of our group showed us his "helmet suitable glasses" that he uses for spints and hillclimbs.  They used the same lenses as his day to day pair but had special side arms which slid into the confines of his helmet.

Make the glasses fit the helmet not the other way round - much safer and you can choose the best and most comfortable fit.

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Mark Durrant
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The product details state Ideal for closed cockpit racing as the visor aperture is wider than other Arai helmets, but can also be retro fitted with a full visor for use in open cockpit racing (sold separately). As a Caterham 7 is open cockpit then a full visor would be required.