Helmet standards for track days

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Helmet standards for track days

Good afternoon all 

I am getting a full face crash helmet for fathers day. 

Can I check which standard is permissible. I have looked at the trackday document on here, but the standards required are quoted in a different format. The helmet I'm expecting is FIA 8859-2015. 

This sounds more than good enough to me. Is that correct?

Would it also be suitable for sprinting? 



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That helmet standard is fine for sprinting and all national Motorsport. I am sure it will be good for track days also.

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Do you have access to Motorsport UK Blue Book?  (If not send me a PM and extract the relevant section for you) This will tell you all you need to know about the safety equipment standards from which all motorsport regulations for circuit racing, sprint, hill climbs etc are derived.  However if you only intend to do "Track Days" then different regulations will apply depending on the particular circuit and organiser.  Most UK Track Days are classified as a "Non Motorsport(MSA)/FIA Event" so Crash Helmets do not need to conform to the "Motorsport" higher regulations. This is the area that causes the most confusion as every "Track Day" organiser has different "recommendations" for Crash Helmets, the only common point being that "open top" cars require a full face helmet.

Both Sparco and OMP manufacture specific Crash Helmets for Track Days.  These conform to the standard ECE22.05 which is accepted at most UK Track Days but you must check with each organiser when booking. N.B. ECE22.05 and BSI-6658 are the minium standards required in Lotus Seven Club Track Day Requirements and Recommendations Document (available on this website under the Trackdays Tab).  Given the difference in cost most people will purchase one of these before they fully commit to moving to Sprints and/or Hillclimbs.

The standard you quote (FIA 8859-2015) is currently an approved standard for use at all Motorsport(MSA)/FIA events (circuit racing, sprints and hillclimbs) so will be fully OK for a Track Day under the "shall conform to XX or higher" ruling.

Bottom Line: Crash Helmets that are approved to the higher standards required for Motorsport (MSA)/FIA events will be fully approved for Track Days, but Track Day Crash Helmets cannot be used for Motorsport (MSA)/FIA events.

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Hi James

The rules that apply for our Club Trackdays are HERE on our Club Trackday Safety Requirements and Recommendations.

If you have any questions send me an email to [email protected].



Simon Maitland - Lotus Seven Club - Trackday Co-Ordinator