Slicks with Wet Sump

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Slicks with Wet Sump

Currently running a K-Series with a wet sump.  

Considering a set of slicks for next season, however am very aware of centrifugal/centripetal forces working on the oil in the engine. I have a seven litre Apollo tank fitted and was wondering if that sort of volume wound be sufficient to keep the engine sufficiently charged with oil during long corners....

Thanks - Dave 

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I very much doubt it. I think you would be just asking for trouble. The Apollo system is good for fast road use on standard tyres but for serious track use even without slicks I think you need a dry sump system.

Are you sure you have seven litre Apollo tank? Or a total oil volume of seven litres including the Apollo?

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Well spotted, that would be a serious tank !!
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Dave, I have the same engine setup as you and have R888R tyres. I noticed on my GoPro that on tight RH bends  my pressure dropped. I think the oil pickup was dry and the reduced pressure was due to air being pumped. During that time the Apollo will be emptying but providing some lubrication to the bearings. I have done two things to help for the future. Firstly I will ensure the oil level is at max (whereas mine was 1/3rd up from the lower marker on the dipstick on that day) and secondly I have fitted a rear anti-roll bar as my car seems to have a lot of roll through bends - too much roll. It has standard road springs. I am hoping the two changes will help but I certainly wouldn't consider slicks with my setup.


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Considering this is fundamentally a hobby, is the gain from slicks worth the cost of a rebuild?


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