STOP PRESS Castle Combe Trackday

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Thanks to Brian Hall and the TD team for a great day out.  
It was my son's first experience driving the 7, so while he had the confidence of youth, to say I arrived at CC somewhat nervous would be an understatement.  
I needn't have worried - he quickly adapted from his usual Skoda Fabia to the idiosyncrasies of the 7 and by the afternoon I was happy to let him loose on his own.  ( It turns out he couldn't hear the advice I was  giving him when I was sat next to him on track in the morning)

Next step will be to add him to the insurance...



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It was really good to be back together with our club members, if smiles mean enjoyment then we had loads!  Big thanks to the Track Day Team for all the background prep and support on the day.

But, most importantly, thank you to all our members who signed up and came along. What had started as my little idea to try and get some track time for us "South West Boys" ended up with capacity bookings, full sessions, open pit and new plans for next year.

Watch this space for our special plans for Lotus Seven Club at Castle Combe in 2021!

Brian J Hall