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Does anyone underseal their C7, I'm thinking more about the mudguards/ wheel arches as I understand that the glassfibre versions are prone to star cracking on the top side due to stones being thrown up from the underside, so I'm thinking a good coating of underseal would provide a bit of a cushion, also what about underside panels and fuel tank. Thanks.



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Used U-POL Gravitex plus on wheel arches.
Horrible black sticky gooey stuff to apply but a couple of coats does the job! 


Wouldn't want it on the floor or fuel tank though.

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Its good to get some wax between the ally panels and steel chassis - dinitrol or bilt hamber is good. Hot day and tin in boiling water aids ingress!

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I used a rubberized roof spray for inside guards, I had a horror moment when I looked over my almost new carbon guards with a  torch and you could see daylight strips through them where stones had obliterated the surface! Lucky I got to them before it cut right through...

In reality I think any heavy duty underseal will work. When I had the tank off I noted two worn parts either end that were exposed to road schrapnel so treated that too on the front and underneath edges.

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A backpacker's foam sleeping mat works well, cut to the appropriate shape and glue in place. 


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Like Stu above, on my first 7 I bought some 5mm neoprene which I stuck on the inside of the wheel arches for protection from stones.

Someone suggested Isoflex because they'd heard that neoprene just traps water behind it.  I'm trying the isoflex on this car, but even put on thick, it doesn't give me confidence about the degree of protection from stones.


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Sleeping mat. 

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Nothing underneath a strip of helicopter tape next to the carbon guards. 

 In 6 years I have one small star chip from underneath and a few small paint chips. I always thought I’d have had the wings off and resprayed by now but hopefully they’ll do for another few years before anything’s noticeable. 

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Thsi is a job I want to do and after a lot of searching, have found Wunderseal, from Car Builder, see link below. I haven't got mine yet as I doing other odds & sods at the moment.




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Thanks chaps, I like the idea of using the isoflex as it's a rubber product and I can also use it to repair my flat roofs.