Hood and roll bar for 1994 1.4

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Hood and roll bar for 1994 1.4

Hello, I purchased my first Caterham last week and it sadly doesn't have a roof or substantial roll protection.

There are the roof frame members under the boot cover but no roof. How do I check these are ok.

the roll bar is a really skinny one, very different to ones I've seen on later cars.

Does anyone have a spare hood and thicker roll bar that they want to sell?

Im located just outside norwich but happy to travel. 

Thanks, Rob

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Hi Rob - welcome and hope you are enjoying your new purchase?

I'm guessing you've got an imperial chassis. Live axle or Dedion?

I've got an imp live axle with the original (low) roll bar. I've found that finding a replacement 'track day' roll bar to fit is like the proverbial hens teeth. Arch Motors will make one for you but they are about £400 so I'm saving up...

They do very occasionally come up on here but I've never been fast enough to secure. 

Re hood, don't bother about the full roof, get a half hood from Soft Bits for Sevens - they do the job just as well, in fact better. Don't buy the half hood though until you have sorted the roll bar as the hoods are made to fit the bar you've got. 


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Hi Jon, 

thanks for your message. Sadly I've not driven it much at all yet, just home and once to get fuel. 

yes, I'm pretty sure that's it's an imperial chassis with the dedion rear. 

thanks for your suggestion about the half hood, it sounds like a good idea. I'll look into it.