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Welcome to Get To Know Your 7. This is a downloadable series of articles looking at the essentials of routine maintenance for your Seven. These first appeared in the Lotus Seven Club magazine ‘Lowflying’ between August 2010 and May 2011.

Hints and tips on buying a 7


Caterham Sevens are not excessively expensive cars, though over the years the search for higher and higher performance derivatives has pushed prices correspondingly higher.


One of the important items that should be checked when trying to optimise the handling characteristics of your Seven are the corner weights in order to ensure that each tyre is carrying its proper share of the overall weight of the car.

The following is the NGK UK Website which list the appropriate Spark Plug for several different engines fitted to 7's:-

When a car's engine idles smoothly at 800rpm, what speed is the crankshaft doing?

It's not 800rpm, except perhaps for a millisecond or two.