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The answer to most electrical problems is to start by checking the earths in the car. The battery is usually connected to the engine by an earthing strap and the engine is separately connected to the car chassis by a further strap.

Chapter and verse on Avon ACB10s


Which way round do I fit my Avon ACB10s ?

In short the Avon Racing authorised version states:

Aluminium Chassis

The subject of Aluminium and its Alloys is quite complex and a correctly designed chassis with the correct alloy selection and proven welds may well be feasible but I am convinced that this concept would be beyond the scope of the average amateur in a "shed " environment.

Rollover Bars

Only one thing to say here - FIA approved!

The standard roll bar as supplied by Caterham is substantially smaller gauge material, is attached to the car less firmly and, importantly, is so low that only those of much smaller stature will ever find their head un

Detailed information on K-series EU3 Engine Loom

This article was written by Andrew Revill

K Series EU3 Engine Loom Wiring Diagram - Updated/Corrected

Having recently built a spare K-Series engine I had need to make an engine wiring loom from scratch. Working from the published Caterham K Series EU3 Wiring Diagram I found several problems:

Parts List/Live Axle/Brakes And Pedals

Parts List for Live Axle - Brakes And Pedals

Parts List/Live Axle/Chassis Body Unit Ancillaries/panels

Parts List for Live Axle - Chassis Body Unit Ancillaries plus aluminium panels

Torsional Vibration

When a car's engine idles smoothly at 800rpm, what speed is the crankshaft doing?

It's not 800rpm, except perhaps for a millisecond or two. The rev counter only reads 800rpm because it only registers an average value.

Disconnecting the battery

When disconnecting the battery before commencing work on the car, you should disconnect the negative, black lead first, here's why:

Bump Steer

A description of what bump steer is and how to reduce it

Remote oil pressure sender parts list

This Parts List details the items necessary to fit a mechanical oil pressure gauge and a low oil pressure warning light with an adjustable trigger pressure.

Wiring diagrams for K series cars

Here are a number of wiring diagrams for K-series cars that you may find useful.

De-Dion or IRS

Many years ago, when it became apparent that the supply of new Ital axles would dry up, Caterham Cars were looking for alternatives. The development of the de Dion rear end was undertaken by Clive Roberts and Reg Price.

Bolt List

List of bolt sizes and torques for various Caterham chassis

Spark Plugs

The following is the NGK UK Website which list the appropriate Spark Plug for several different engines fitted to 7's:-

Parts List/De Dion/Brakes And Pedals

List of brake and pedal parts for de-dion cars