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Oil Capacities

Standard Wet Sump:5 litres

Standard Wet Sump with Oil / Air separator:7.5 litres

Dry Sump (tank in Bellhousing) :4.5 litres

A master switch kit has been produced by Caterham Cars to enable the fitment of an Autolec battery master switch, primarily for competition purposes, but also for security. This contains the following components:


1 x Autolec Battery Master Switch with fixing bolts


I get a build up of condensation on the inside of the faces of the fuel and temperature guages when I run my car. How can I prevent this?


This Parts List details the items necessary to fit a mechanical oil pressure gauge and a low oil pressure warning light with an adjustable trigger pressure.

When a car's engine idles smoothly at 800rpm, what speed is the crankshaft doing?

It's not 800rpm, except perhaps for a millisecond or two.

List of bolt sizes and torques for various Caterham chassis
The 2017 Leg and Hairy Taffia Fish'n'Chip Run
Parts List for Live Axle - Chassis Body Unit Ancillaries plus aluminium panels
Below are a list of insurance companies that can provide insurance for sevens.

Many years ago, when it became apparent that the supply of new Ital axles would dry up, Caterham Cars were looking for alternatives. The development of the de Dion rear end was undertaken by Clive Roberts and Reg Price.

There are several possibilities depending on the age of your car, the engine it was fitted with and whether it was kit or factory built. This article explains what you need to know.