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IAM - Institute of Advanced Motorists

We have great cars, and we all think we're good drivers, but are we really?  I took an advanced driving course, and I must say that not only am I a safer driver now, I'm also quicker because of it.

You can learn about IAM RoadSmart here:-


We've received a warning from Opie Oils, who advertise with us and provide a discount to members, concerning the availability of lubricating oils.

Castle Combe Historic Racing Festival 2nd October 2021 - Club Tickets Now On Sale

SO FAR 10 CARS + 14 MEMBERS BOOKED - To make a decent club parking area 30 cars minimum required.

Caterham Art

Caterham art from renowned photographer Allan Levy

Just Add Lightness discount

Just Add Lightness suppliers of LED lighting for Sevens offers 5% discount.

This offer is enduring on all products & sale items.