News - 2006

By Anonymous 16th Oct 2006 - 22:41
The 2006 Speed Championship Awards lunch and Technical Forum will be held at the Donington Grand Prix Collection on Sunday 19th Novenber 2006.  There's a booking form too
By Admin 11th Oct 2006 - 12:24
From Caterham Cars:

To improve the current traffic situation in delightful Dartford, Kennet Road is temporarily becoming one-way. We are told that this will mean no more traffic lights at the end of the road, whilst they build the roundabout that will ultimately be there.

By Admin 2nd Oct 2006 - 00:49
September's update
By Steve Winterberg 1st Oct 2006 - 09:00
In this month's issue...
By Anonymous 17th Sep 2006 - 17:43
The Club Buffs will be in stock on Tuesday or Wednesday this week. Sorry for the delay, the Spanish factory had a 6 week shutdown over the summer.
By Steve Winterberg 1st Sep 2006 - 09:30
In this month's issue:
By Anonymous 9th Aug 2006 - 11:47
Jan Smit does it again! With 4,300Kms cycled in 6 weeks, through 8 countries, with no punctures (and calves like tree trunks) Mr. Modest says:
By Anonymous 3rd Aug 2006 - 07:55
Picture gallery (another slice of life from the fridge door) : News and events (announcements and forthcoming attractions) : Born again, part 3 (a masterclass in painting and decorating) : Area antics : a car show and a some motorsports history : Seven States in Sevens (or How The West was Driven, p