Northampton Motorsport Lotus Seven Club Speed Championship 2017 - Entries Now Open.

Whether looking to compete or just spectate the Lotus Seven Club Speed Championship is a friendly & Welcoming way into the sport. 15 rounds spread over most of England with many with either free or nominal spectator fee’s so providing an excellent Blat destination especially the clubs very own Curborough events.

Entry fee to the championship is a very modest £25 or for those novices registered in the Dare to be Different campaign only £10. The Dare to be Different campaign is focused on promoting opportunity for ladies in all aspects of motorsport . Championship Entry is now open in the competitors area. As a bonus our sponsor this Year, Northampton Motorsport is offering to any registered competitor 15% discount on labour and 10% discount on parts ( parts discount may not apply to special order parts).

All you need is a Lotus 7 or Caterham, an MSA Nat B Non Race Licence (A Simple on line application), Suitable Helmet, Race Suit & Gloves, and a willingness to challenge yourself.

All Classes are available to competitors of any ability, and every Caterham will be eligible for a class, with many competitors competing in standard road going Caterhams.

Speed Events are probably the most accessible form of motorsport competition and our own championship is one of the most friendly and engaging group of competitors you will ever meet. Even if you are not looking to compete make sure that you come and have a chat and kick some tyres with any of us.

A great way to experience the thrill of competition is as a dual drive, to learn and experience together, over the years we have all sorts sharing a car, from just mates, to every combination of a family event you can emagine, so why not make it a family Team experience.

If you have any questions or you want to be included on the speed mailing list to hear updates on future events please drop an email to [email protected] or drop a post in the Club Speed Events of BlatChat.