NUKE THE LEUK ’06 – Lap 11

Monthly standing order from a shy, team sparring partner of old…   25.00
Keith Pickin Memorial Fund – Passenger rides at Brands Hatch. Peter Edmundson had a passenger ride in Mav’s car and enjoyed it so much he sent another tenner and said “the experience was worth another tenner of anyone’s money!”
(Brings total to £6,042.00)
Keith Pyle thanks Greg for the aquatic goods   5.00
Edward ‘Big Truck’ Parry had a very big birthday (I’m not allowed to say how big but suffice it to say he is probably the oldest 7ener around for many a mile - arf!) and kindly requested NtL donations from family, friends and work colleagues)   255.00
Team Insaner, Darren ‘Lazerbrain’ Prior, John Radley and Andy Blackwood complete the CzechWrecks rally in style, collected so far
(Brings total to a stonking £1,583.49)
Duncan Pratt extends “grateful thanks” to ‘Fletch’ for the design of a birthday present for a very good friend.   60.00
Richard (was in France but now in Scotland) Lee does what he said he would do to thank a couple of club members for their assistance on Blatchat   112.00
Alex ‘Whiteskipper’ Moore supplies a roll bar to Martin Donald   15.00
Alan Henderson passes a back copy of Low flying to Richard Nicholson   5.00
The Herring family passes a couple of old nose cones to Graham Perry   15.00
London to Brighton Run, Dave Hollington and Team with loads of lovely ‘sossiges’ from the very generous John and Sue Howe   1100.00
Sharon Powling and Mark pass a child’s L7C fleece to Peter Edmundson   12.00
Guy Munday 7 insurance valuations, J. Mountford
(Brings total to £537.00)
Nick Addison supplies a back copy of LF for Bruno 'Slider7' Dewaelheyns   5.00
Bruno supplies one to Rob Lowe   5.00
This month’s total: 3,147.49
Last month's total so far: £31,820.69
Total 2006 to date: £34,968.18
  Plus fundraising history 1991 to 2005: £253,105.29
  Total to date £288,073.47