Nuke the Leuk 07 - Lap 11

This Month's Contributions

Monthly standing order from a shy, team sparring partner of old…   25.00
Monthly give as you earn donation from another shy club member   25.00
Alex ‘Silver7’ sold Mar7 a windscreen   15.00
Nigel Roberts sends on a generous donation from those who attended
the London to Brighton event.  Thanks go to Mike and Gill Squires, Chris
Clarke, Marion, Sue and Lyn, Ray Pearce, Alan Brady, Chaz, Leon Odell,
Barry Watts, Steve Newman, Neil Williams, Les and Sheila Shepherd,
Steve Mell, Doug and Mandy Phillips, and Susan and John Howe
; for
their help in making the event a success.
At the same event Sue and John Howe generously donated sausages
for sale
Scores of small change donations from members who attended events
supported by the Event Support Vehicle.  Special thanks to those who
purchased 50th Anniversary Tankard and made donations and the
non-member at Baywatch who made a donation because the club had made
an impact at the event!  Thanks to all.
Steve Mell sends on the money raised at the Dunsfold handling days by the
Surrey Area.  Thanks to Jim McAllister Peter Farnfield, Dave Hollington,
Nigel Roberts, John Malcolmson, Doug and Mandy Phillips, Andy Noble,
Merrick Linnett, John Reaks, Peter Carmichael
and all the other marshalls and volunteers:
  Dunsfold Handling Day – 19 May 2007  1925.00  
  Dunsfold Handling Day – 8 September  1750.00  
Surrey have been busy, Steve Mell has also sent the money raised at the
Toyota British Grand Prix Day.  The event was organised by Simon Lake
(formerly of Toyota GB), with administration by Doug and Mandy Phillips.
Toyota generously gave use of their building and car park, a tasty BBQ, drinks
and ice creams, F1 simulator and large plasma screens to show the Grand
Prix – all at no cost to the club.  The money was raised through donations
and sales of entry tickets.  Well done all!
Ammo lost a bet with Alex Wong about who would upgrade his engine first   20.00
Mad Malc’ says thanks to Tony Milling for the wiper motor brushes he
kindly donated for the mini project.
Stuart Lane bought a 4 to 5 speed conversion kit from Brent Chiswick   45.00
Elizabeth McFarlane thanks Mark Durrant for the four tyres   50.00
Alex McDonald thanks Neville Dyson for delivering a steering rack   10.00
Paul Richards says thanks to Paul Marriott for the De Dion tube    20.00
Jerry Parker thanks Tim Must for the screen frame   20.00
Daniel Clazey says thanks to John Aston for the carcoon   50.00
This month’s total: 7284.50
Total this year to date: £30,470.20
Plus fundraising history 1991 to end of last year: £289,245.51
Total to date: £319,715.71

50th Anniversary Photos

Just a reminder that Dr John, very kindly gave up his weekend to take over a thousand photos at the anniversary event in Norfolk. He has made these photos available on the internet here: and only asked that people make a small donation to NtL if they download pictures. To date there have been nearly two thousand hits on the page, but no money has been received by NtL. So, if you have downloaded pictures, but not got round to sending the money in, please do so and if you haven’t downloaded any pictures yet, get on and do it and then send some money. It is for a good cause after all.