Premier Power Lotus 7 Club Speed Championship 2014 - Update

I've had a couple of email's asking what the current state of the play is with the championship, so here's my thoughts from a "Scorers" viewpoint, and may not reflect what actually happens <wonky>

Class 1
Nobody has completed 7 event's yet, but it's been a close battle at the front with a three way tussle between Paul Boston, Rob Jacobs & Steffan Eldred. Whilst Steffan Eldred need's two wins from the final 5 event's for an outright win, he can be stopped but it's likely to be nail biting again.

Class 2
With Class wins spread out among the top 8 it's anyone's guess who will be victorious, with it looking extremely unlikely that anyone will get a perfect 700 it's likely to go down to the wire at every event.

Class 3
With wins spread over the class, Oliver Wright in the lead the other contenders need at least 3 more events with high scores to stand a chance in unseating his lead.

Class 4
Nobody has yet completed 7 events but Mike Sankey has a strong foundation for taking the class unless Lynn Gilbert or another competitors pulls out the stops.

Class 5
Harewood saw Shaun Elwell take not only a class win but his 7th win of the season securing the class win for the 2014 season. with A couple of new class records under his belt already, stands a good chance of securing the overall championship if he keeps on Form.

Class 6
Nobody has completed 7 event's but Mark Durant is in front with both Rob Margel and Simon Jenks needing to do most if not all of the final 5 rounds.

Class 7
Running as lone Wolf in Class 7 Simon Rogers seems to be having fun chasing FTD's 

Clive Marsden is ahead of the pack but the Novice Championship is still wide open, as the rest of the Pack starts picking up the pace.

With strong scores Lynn Gilbert is out in the lead with Gill Elwell suffering from Shaun Elwells storming runs, and Becky Boston needing to find the supercharger to catch Lynn.

Edward Lewis
With Oliver Wright with good improvements at several event's together with a couple of bonus wet events last year he's street's ahead of the rest of the pack.

Of the 27 competitors having qualified for the Edward Lewis Cup by having 5 pb's in there current class 15 competitors have positive scores, with the top 5 all averaging over 2 points per event.

Overall Champion
Whilst in theory there are 28 competitors who could win the overall championship in reality there is one leader in Shaun Elwell is currently on 504.48 putting everyone else under pressure to not only break class record but thoroughly smash them to stand a chance of catching him.

So where now....... it's anyones guess....... if your not competing, why not blat out to one of the final 5 event's for a great day's motorsport with some very close competition. The next event is Curborough on the 24th August.