17 ième repas pour les enthousiastes de Seven Le samedi

Sat 14th Dec 2013

Jean-Marc Bikx's traditional end-of-year gathering for seven enthusiasts is on Saturday 14th December from 7pm at the restaurant "La Ville de Wavre" in Thorembais Saint Trond (20 miles south-east of Brussels). Enjoy a sociable evening looking back on the season's adventures with photos and videos, sharing memories a good meal, free raffle and an, entertaining evening. Cost is same as last year 38 Euros per person; if you'd like to attend please contact Jean-Marc directly, for details, location, menu, directions, notes on parking and how to supply any pictures, vidéo or raffle prizes you may like to contribute to the entertainment.

Bookings by December 6th please.

Contact: Jean-Marc Bikx [email protected]