3rd Tuesday is Essex club night

Regular area meeting
Tue 16th Oct 2018

Hello Folks!

Is a wooden Dash a talking point if so why not come to your local meeting and tell the others what you think of it ?

 we had a lot seven last time can we do better this time ?  

  We have a few new members this month if you are wonder how you would recognise us then just look for all the sevens in the car park ? Or some times we can be on the reserves mezzanine floor upstairs at the fair end of the bar for us exclusively

  Just to let you know we meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month in Chelmsford , The "Great Baddow Barn"  (Hungry horse) Galleywood Road, Chelmsford CM2 8NB as per web site, and in lowfighing, some members get to the pub to eat at 19:00 ish. and others not until after 20:30 as they have to get home from work,  any time that is good for you is good for us, some leave at 21:30 and others not until 23:00.

  We also  have a few groups that go out for small "Blats".  There is a  not so new  "WhatsApp" set up by some members, there is now 50 in  the date set of Essex, there are also text's set out by another group for local breakfast " Blats"  when the sun is out,  you can join both or not, up to you?

  Please come along to the meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of each month and see us, you are more then welcome to come out on any" Blats" that are going , our BIG ONE is in June as per web site.

On the 4th Sunday of each month we go out for a blat this is the planned one so that folks can have arrangement in place. Most of the Blats start from "Great Baddow Barn"  but you can pick them up on route if you wish, go to the end for tea then off home. 

                   We are a friendly group, looking forward to meeting you soon. As you may be new to all this and wonder how you would recognise us then just look for all the sevens in the car park in the summer ,on the reserves mezzanine floor upstairs for us exclusively or  at the far end of the bar in the garden room, I would normally get 10 to 12 caterham's out when the weather conditions are good I have been know to get 26 cars on a good night in the summer.

 Andy Essex AR