Bicester Heritage Scramblers Membership Club -70th anniversary of the iconic A-series engine.

Sat 25th Sep 2021

Scramblers Membership Club at Bicester Heritage would like to tell you about an event they are running on Saturday 25th September that celebrates the 70th anniversary of the iconic A-series engine. 

Here's a message from the organiser

Scramblers is a new membership club brought to you by Bicester Heritage. It is born from the success of the Scramble events – and a way for members to enjoy a closer relationship with the venue and to access the stories told by the site as its 40+ businesses build a future for historic motoring.

The monthly 'Scramblers Assembly' events are our informal gatherings. These assemblies are held in association with our on-site brewery Wriggly Monkey and only available to members. Think of them as intimate Scramble events. And here's the best bit – they're free to attend (albeit numbers are limited).

With regards to the A-series theme on the 25th September, we thought your members would find it interesting and perhaps bring a relevant car or two for display. No catch and no fee - they would just have to register for the event at . You can also take a look at what we have so far curated since launching in June 2020 at the website.

So, if you are interested please register as described.