Blyton Park Novice Day 'Novice Group'

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Mon 25th May 2020

What:           Exclusive Lotus 7 Club “Novices Day” – with pre-event social activity, special   extended novice-friendly briefing session and extensive (free of charge) one-to-one instruction on the Blyton Park Circuit.

Where:        Blyton Park is located approximately five miles North of Gainsborough   in Lincolnshire and is one mile from the village of Blyton on the B1205 (Kirton Road).  For more details visit

Following the success of the last three “Novice Trackdays’” we are delighted to offer the chance to participate, in the Lotus Club exclusive 2019 Novice Trackday at Blyton a very popular novice venue.

This Club-exclusive event is aimed specifically at members who class themselves as a novice or newcomer, or those who may be in need of a comprehensive refresh after a substantial period away from any track activity.  It will be ideal for those who want to get on track with the Club in a friendly, supportive and structured environment, at a safe and well-equipped venue and on a circuit that offers lots of space, has an easy-to-learn layout and sufficient technical challenge to match growing levels of confidence as the day goes on.

As a result of the success of our last three novice events we have provided for a significant number of participants this year – up to 27 cars – whilst maintaining a superb ‘instructor to driver’ ratio.  Following the extended briefing session, track activity will start with members divided into groups, with no more than nine cars on track at any one time and with pre-allocated instructor slots.  Later in the day we will move to a controlled Open Pit Lane approach – though still with a limit to the number of cars on track and plenty of one-to-one instruction being available throughout. The day is subject to a 95db drive-by noise limit.  We will arrange a pre-event social gathering the evening before the event.

The cost to participate is set at £175 for a car and main driver; an additional driver (who must be a Club member) will cost £65 and passengers will be welcome at £5 per head.

This will be a fantastic day that will take you through the formal steps, allow you to gain experience, build confidence and set you up for more Trackday events. 

Places are limited so early booking is recommended!

Links to further important documents and information are here

All drivers must be members of Lotus Seven Club.