Essex Club Night Quiz and Meal

Regular area meeting
Essex meeting
Tue 17th Dec 2019

Hi Folks

Please come to our monthly meeting 3rd Tuesday, at “The Great Baddow Barn” it is easily reached from the A12, A414 and the B1007 to Galleywood The address is:-“The Great Baddow Barn” Galleywood Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 8NB

Call: 01245 473738

Just a gentle reminder that our monthly meeting takes place on the third Tuesday of every month followed by a Blat on Sunday.  If the weather looks fair car park will be full of Sevens, yippee!


Meet at the Arrive around 7pm for an informal gathering of the clan. 


Food, drink, and general nattering as usual, about the blats we have had, blats were about to have on Sunday and anything else that takes a fancy.

If you haven’t been before, why not pop along, we’d be glad to meet you. We park the Sevens in the car park on the right as you go in. If you are new to all this and wonder how you would recognise us then just look for all the sevens in the car park or on the reserves mezzanine floor upstairs for us exclusively at the fair end of the bar

Now you have received the aforementioned warning I am sure you are all aware that the 3rd Tuesday of the month is pub club which means Essex Seven Club night 19:00ish at The Great Baddow Barn, it would be nice to see all that come last month plus other that have not been yet and new members that have just joined the happy throng as yet.

Andy Essex AR