Track days
Fri 13th Oct 2017

Following last year’s hugely enjoyable trackday at Anglesey, we are delighted to be closing our 2017 season with a return to this fabulous location and circuit.  Once again, the Club has taken the lead in booking the circuit so that we can share track-time between ourselves and the ‘MGs-on-Track’ organisation, a branch of the MG Car Club.  We have reserved exclusive use of the circuit for 40 minutes per hour for L7C members, with MGoT participants using the remaining 20 minutes. Please note that L7C participation is for drivers of Lotus 7 and Caterham cars only.

Two different circuits will be available during the day, changing over from Coastal to International layouts at lunchtime.  Our running on each of the two circuit configurations will commence in sessions (with participants grouped and allocated to one of two 20 minute sessions) but our intention is to move to open pit lane (OPL) format – allowing track access at any time throughout our 40 minute period – as soon as possible.

As usual, we will be arranging a pre-event social gathering (probably in the same coastal restaurant as last year – why change a winning formula?) and, reflecting the suitability of the day to drivers at all levels, we will be offering our ‘Buddy System’ and free-of-charge instruction.

The cost for a car and main driver is only £180; an additional driver (who must be a Club member) costs £25 and passengers are charged at £5 each.

This will be a great day to end our 2017 season!

James Batchelor

Joint Trackday Co-ordinator

[email protected]

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