CANCELLED - The International 7 Meeting 2020

National Event
The International picture
Fri 3rd Jul 2020 to Sun 5th Jul 2020

In the summer of 2020, our new destination is the southern part of Switzerland - The Ticino. Famous for its mild climate and Mediterranean flair. Insiders know, „The South“ is a paradise of winding, twisty roads, peppered with breathtaking viewpoints. Enthusiast of hot gums, but also for the happy-go-lucky section; both will have a lot of fun! Take your chance of this unique Ticino Revival to discover or rediscover southern Switzerland with us, away from the crowds. Secure your Place and register quickly!

03/07/2020 - Get Together Party at Kumschick Sports Cars

„Preserve well-proven“, is especially true of this longstanding tradition, witch also marks the start of this great event. This is where the gathering is celebrated and you can enjoy the Kumschick special, known also across the boders: The Caterham Burgers. Elisabeth, Fredy, Frank and the OK team do make for a great event start.

04/07/2020 - Off to the South | the journey is the destination

After breakfast, get in your bolide and start your engine! Once again, you will receive our carefully crafted roadbook. Through beautiful routes and landscapes you „climb“ the high Swiss Alps and conquer the south. A welcome drink awaits you at your destination, wich you can enjoy on the hotel terrace, with a breathtaking view! In the evening we taste togheter the southern cuisine and have a lot of time to exchange experiences; for petrol-heads conversations and to cultivate togheter the wonderful comradeship.

05/07/2020 - in the end there is only one thing left: the fun!

Breakfast at a lofty heights and take many pictures of the fantastic view on Monte San Giorgio. By the way, it belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage. And while we’re at it, after packing and checking out, we drive to a photo shooting place for our traditional souvenir foto of all event participants.

"Hardcore option" (Sunday to Monday)

Not enough yet? Would you like to get to know a few Ticino bends before your journey home, explore a few beautiful places and then stop off togheter in a typical Ticino Grotto? Then this Option is made for you! I live in Ticino and am looking forward to leading this tour. The places are limited. It applies - First come - first serve!