Kentish Weald 3rd Tuesday pub meet at the Spotted Dog, Penshurst TN11 8EG

Regular area meeting
Tue 17th Nov 2020


The regular monthly meeting is at the Spotted Dog, Smarts Hill, Penshurst TN11 8EG on Tuesday evening from 19:30

Kentish Weald AR vacancy

The area is still without a permanent replacement Mike Clark as AR. I will act as AR temporarily until the new AR is appointed. However, your area really does need you - the AR role is key for the area and whilst it doesn't mean you end up organising everything (in fact we actively encourage ARs to get other members involved in organising area events) it is a rewarding role and can be undertaken by any area member wishing to step up. If you think you would be interested but need more information or want to talk it through then please give me a call or send an email.

I have been putting this message in monthly meet emails for some time now. I will continue to do so for a while longer. However, should nobody come forward to take on the role the MT will be considering an alternative structure for the area.  I know none of us would want that but I can't believe the area doesn't have a volunteer or maybe two volunteers that can take on the AR role.

No one has come forward to take on the AR role so I would like to ask Kentish Weald members whether they have any objections to being merged into an adjoining area. I appreciate you have your own distinct membership and character, albeit there is a fair amount cross over on events and meets with other Kent areas and indeed through the Kent Sevens, but the area needs an AR who is active in area certainly more so than I can be. Please give this some thought and I will also have to talk to potential adjoining areas in regards to such a merger, particularly the ARs.

Can you please send your comments and thoughts to the email address below. 
Mark Lawrence
RC South, Surrey AR and Kentish Weald AR (pro tem)
[email protected]
07894 464900