NORTH KENT Meet at The Plough, Eynsford - This Tuesday

Regular area meeting
Tue 3rd Feb 2015

It's that time again, and the North Kent Area meeting is this Tuesday 3rd February at The Plough in Eynsford. 

Don't forget to bring your membership card to take advantage of the specially discounted 7 Club Menu Lick
Food is available up to about 9.00 pm from this, or the regular Plough menu.

The Weather is presently looking dry, if a little chilly! So a round of Clap if you come in the 7.

Topics for discussion will no doubt include things happenning this year, as well as the usual gossip Wink

There are quite a few events on the new NK Area Page some of which you can enrol on at the old NK calendar so be sure to check them out and enrol where necessary (otherwise they won't happen!).

Suggestions for events are always welcome, as are people to organise or help organise anything Thumbup

The Plough is here next to the ford and hump-backed bridge over the River Darent in Eynsford. FYI, the PC is DA4 0AE.

Members new, old and potential, all welcome (if you don't know anyone ask for Crudders or Ian B). 

NKARS  Wavey