Silverstone GP Track Day

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Mon 27th Mar 2017

We are delighted to be kicking-off our 2017 season and returning to Silverstone – after a long absence – for an event being organised by our friends at “MG’s on Track”, who have offered us the chance to participate alongside themselves and “Lotus on Track” on the famous, high-speed Grand Prix circuit.

We will be operating from the Heritage pits (not the new Wing complex) but, otherwise, the circuit is exactly as used for the British Grand Prix, with the new Arena section providing a real technical challenge.

We have arranged for Club-exclusive sessions that will run through the day, operating for twenty minutes every hour and with MGoT and LoT participants using the remaining time between them.  Allowing for a lunch break we expect to have 7 sessions in total, providing just over 2 hours of track driving.

The format of the day will allow Club members to use the circuit at any time during our allocated sessions, irrespective of experience or ability.  Accordingly, the event is not suitable for novice or first-time circuit drivers and you should be at intermediate or advanced level to participate.  For this reason we will not be operating our ‘Buddy System’. 

Cars (which must be either Lotus Sevens or Caterhams) must comply with a noise limit of 105dB (static) and 102bB (drive-by) and free coaching from qualified ARDS instructors will be available by booking on a 'first come first served' basis on the day.

Depending on interest levels, we will also be arranging a pre-event social get-together (most likely a drink and meal) for the evening of Sunday 26th March.

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